Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is a tangent

The 2 year old: Mama, I see the sky!
The 31 year old: It looks cloudy. Do you think it will rain?
2: Who made the sky? [This is familiar ground. We cover this a lot.]
31: You know. God made the sky.
2: And where is God? [Why do small children take such comfort in exact repetition of questions asked and answered one million times? And why, after one million times, do I still falter on the transcript?]
31: God is everywhere. [Who feels comfortable explaining this to a 2 year old, anyway? Any pointers?]
2: God is everywhere?
31: Yep. God is in the clouds, and in the birds and grass. [We’re driving, so I’m citing visually present examples. But do I believe what I’m saying? Can you be Jewish and have a catechism? And where do I draw the line? Is God in the asphalt and the overflowing bus stop garbage can and if God is in the birds, is God in the bird poop stains, too?]
2: And God is in me?
31: Yep. God is in you and in me and in Daddy and in L and in everybody.
2: And God is in a purple man! Pin It