Sunday, June 1, 2008

Portraits of disdain

June 1, 2008

Poor L. I don't know what Gramps did to her, but he must have done her Very Wrong. Because she set out to let him know.

And what tools do pre-verbal avengers use? Sweet potatoes. Fermented internally.

And launched. The tarring and feathering of the toothless set.

"Um, help?" Gramps feebly cried. I think Grams might have reached for some wipes. I reached for my camera. Wouldn't you?

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Anonymous said...

Upon viewing the visual history of this afternoon's Upset, what did Gramps have to say? He said, "Poor L! She got as much on herself as she did on me." Is that not True Love of the kind given by an adoring grandfather?

(But I did get the camera for NES and told Gramps to scrunch down a bit to give her a better angle - all between breathless laughter.)