Thursday, May 8, 2008

With almost 23 flavors of her own, and just as fizzy

It was E's dinner time yesterday, a meal that takes forever. She likes to eat tapas-style, and she likes to have all of her dishes in front of her at once. She had in front of her little bowls containing: spaghetti noodles, chickpeas, black beans, olives, blueberries, yellow raisins, croutons, more spaghetti noodles (because they're the pinnacle of food, so they need both a blue and a purple bowl) and black raisins. That's the haute cuisine we put out here. After a single piece of food (one raisin, or one noodle, or only one bean At A Time Ever), she would say MMMMMMMM!! and then select one piece from the next bowl to eat. Sometimes she would interject an I LIKE IT!! She eats a lot, and it's healthy food, so I don't really mind, except her dinners have been taking more than 45 minutes. So I had the inspiration to start preparing salad for my own dinner, which I usually eat after she's in bed. I pulled out a red pepper to chop up and E decided she needed some of that, too. I pulled out a knife to cut into the pepper so I could dice a quarter of it for her. (I want to eat it in squares, Mama!) She asked, Mama, is that red pepper a Dr. Pepper? I don't even know where she heard that phrase. So tonight I asked her what she wanted for dinner. Squares, Mama! Dr. Pepper SQUARES! Pin It