Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The anticlimaxes

The basement is fine, except maybe a little cleaner, leaner, and more organized. The sump pump is fine, except what’s the point of having a sump pump if it just pumps into ground so wet that the liquid comes back in the house anyway, as said ground isn’t taking any more visitors at this time, leave your name at the door, maybe we’ll call you tomorrow. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain, and no longer in our crawl space.

And L took so easily, so naturally to rice cereal that it almost wasn’t interesting. She opened her mouth for the spoon, and ate. When she was full, she stopped opening her mouth. No cereal in her hair or on the high chair tray. I don’t actually think she even touched it at all with her hands. It only took one wipe to clean up from that meal. Maybe her sister can learn from that. She’s eaten it twice in daycare too, just like a pro, just like the big kids do it, those crazy seven-month-olds. So maybe it’s time to move on to the really good stuff. Like sweet potato.

My brain – it’s so quiet inside. It feels so unfamiliar, this way.
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Anonymous said...

Do you not think that, perhaps, with all the zest and gusto E puts into living, breathing, all she does, that perhaps the god that assigns children to varioius families decided that you and M have been good parents, despite the whirling chaos that resides within your home, and sent you a mellow baby this time? Enjoy. A mellow baby does not necessarily mean a calm toddler. Trust me. I've walked that path!
Love to all, Grams

Karen said...

I am ridiculously jealous of your experience with solid foods. RIDICULOUSLY. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate feeding S, E, and A food. (Though we skipped cereal all together because I find it so offensively vile that I won't subject them to it) They love it so, but feeding three babies all at once creates at least six times the mess of feeding one baby and each one of my babies is an extraordinarily messy eater. It is horrifyingly disgusting. UGH. I cannot wait until they become slightly (tremendously) more independent in their eating habits.