Friday, March 28, 2008

Still life with paci accumulation

March 28, 2008
Five pacifiers lying in our bed. Every night L goes to sleep in her crib, and she's good for about eight hours. But then she wakes up whimpering. Or we think it starts as a whimper, but we don't know for certain because we always try to pretend it's not happening for the first few seconds, until consciousness sadly begins to arrive and we realize with panic that the decibels are steadily increasing, and oh no what if E hears them! Because we all know - that's the disaster scenario. So every night M bolts out of bed, quickly sticks a paci in her in the hope that we can silence her before E hears anything, and carries her to our bed, where she spends the last few hours of the night, sort of nursing and sleeping all at once. And every few days, I collect the whole paci collection and dump it back in her crib, so that they can slowly make their migration back to their little nesting place by my pillow.
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