Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Outside Roots Market, Easter Sunday morning

E is two, which means she is constantly asking questions to make order of her world. And also that she loves repetition. For everything she encounters, she wants to know who made it, who bought it, who gave it to her. A tour of her bedroom, reenacted every night before bed, goes like this:

Who bought my crib? (Your grandparents.) Who bought my dresser? (Mr. and Mrs. Shirer bought your dresser, a long time ago.) Who bought my jamas? (Grams.) Who bought E? (You don't buy people, you make people.) Who made E? (Mommy and Daddy.) Who made L? (Mommy and Daddy.) Who made Mommy? (Grams and Gramps.) Who made Daddy? (Grandma and Grandpa.) Who made E and L? (Mommy and Daddy.) Who made that wall? (We don't know who made that wall. Mommy and Daddy bought the wall. Mommy and Daddy bought the Whole House.)

So it's Easter, and this market is across the street from a big church, and we're getting ready to go inside to get some grapes because we're out of red grapes in our house, and that is Not Okay. We're crossing the parking lot behind a little group of cute old church ladies, who I'm sure, if they still have their hearing, really enjoyed the conversation I had with E:

E: Mama, who made E?
NES: Mommy and Daddy.
E: Mommy and Daddy made E? And L?
NES: Yes.
E: Mama, look! (Points up.) Who made the sky?
NES (feeling very mindful of the church ladies): Nobody made the sky. A person didn't make the sky. God made the sky.
E: Who's God?
NES: God's not a person. God is what made the sky, and the grapes we're getting. (Adding, for some reason, probably related to feeling unsure just how deep to take theology with the two-year-old:) God is everywhere.
E: God made the sky and God made the grapes and Mama and Daddy made E and L and Grams and Gramps made Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa made Daddy and God made the sky and God is everywhere, Mama!

And therein lies the true message of peace during this holiday season. Because my Jewish daughter has both Darwin and Jesus shepping naches Right Now. Pin It