Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Knee high to a medium grasshopper

One of my work friends is from Kentucky, even though he hasn't lived there in over 40 years. He has phrases I've never heard ever from anyone else. One of my favorites he uses to refer to his childhood: back when he was "knee high to a short grasshopper."

E has a lot of purple clothes, purple being the seasonal obsession, having chased away the blue. It's not shorts season yet, but all her purple pants are suddenly too short. Pants that looked fine last week. And of course she doesn't want any other color on her body. So she's wearing pants that are a little too short today, but it makes her happy because this way it's easier to appreciate her purple socks and purple Crocs.

(We measured her this morning, because I needed to justify my frustration with all of her laundry. And I was vindicated! She's grown an inch-and-a-half since her birthday two months ago.)

And L, my baby! She's cutting her two front teeth! Both bottom teeth have sliced open her gums. She'll be a lil biter soon. And true to form, she is handling this infinitely better than E handled even her most recent molars. L's been a little more congested, and a little more cuddly, and she always has her fist in her mouth now. But she's still sweet-tempered, just in a droolier form. Pin It