Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Becoming a sibling

E was so excited to meet her baby sister. When she was born, I had an unplanned c-section and a terrible recovery, but with L, I was feeling great. So I was really excited to introduce L to E, and watch E's reaction. She'd been talking about "her" baby coming for weeks. Also, I missed her, since she had spent the night with friends while M and I were at the hospital.

M came into my hospital room with her, and she crawled up on my bed with me. M handed the baby to us, and E held her for the first time. She looked uncertain about the whole experience - the room, the IV in my hand, my hospital gown, and definitely uncertain about the baby. After about five seconds, she squirmed out from underneath her sister's body. "All done," she said. Then she asked M to take her for a walk in the hallway. Pin It